Made of Australia - Ceramics

Everything from the Australian clays to the foraged indigenous flora & waste from native fauna used in the firing of Made of Australias ceramic art is derived directly from the unique Australian landscape. This means that each & every piece produced is not only made in Australia, but is literally Made OF Australia. Made of Australia forage for most of their ingredients throughout southern Queensland & northern New South Wales (on the East coast of Australia) & collect other organic materials from contributors all over the country. Using the signature Saggar Firing process to harness the elements of Earth, Water, Air, & Fire (& maybe a little Aether…) they create colour, pattern & texture on their ceramics using nothing more than the naturally occuring oxides & minerals in the ingredients. It is pure alchemy, & as such, no two Made OF Australia works of art are alike, each piece is as unique & individual as you are.

Made of Australia - Ceramics - Day and Age